Chris Nota

Board Member

Christine Nota is retired from the United States Forest Service.  She has 40 years of experience working in both in field and leadership positions with the Forest Service throughout California.  When she retired she was the Pacific Southwest Region’s (California and Pacific Islands) Regional Forester’s Representative.  Christine helped the Region develop its Leadership Intent for Ecological Restoration, which guides all restoration activities and daily management on the 20 million acres of National Forest lands in California. Christine also helped provide region wide leadership for large-scale initiatives and partnerships that help move the Leadership Intent for Ecological Restoration forward.  She represented the Forest Service in its coordination and collaboration with state legislators, state and federal agencies, and non-government organizations. Earlier in her career she was District Ranger on the Sierra National Forest where along with managing a large diverse landscape she was a leader in involving youth in the hands-on stewardship of the land. In any given summer the District would host and mentor California Conservation Corps, Youth Conservation Corps, Local City Conservation Corps, Student Conservation Association, AmeriCorps, Central California Consortium Interns, a unique special education crew and many other youth programs. Her district won a national award for extensive use of youth groups in managing public lands and in mentoring and developing youth through outdoor work and experiences.

Christine has been on the Stewardship Council since it’s inception in 2004 and was part of the Youth Investment Committee since it’s very beginning. She with others helped develop recommendations for the development of the Stewardship Council Youth Program including the goals, focus and structure of the then new program.  After her retirement she was appointed to the Stewardship Council as a member-at-large by the Public Utilities Commission and continues to be an active member of the Youth Investment Committee.