Shivani Chanillo

Training & Support Manager

Shivani Chanillo (they/them) is Justice Outside’s new Training & Support Manager. In this role, they support organizations and individuals in furthering their understanding of equity, cultural relevancy, and justice in the environmental sector. Shivani comes to Justice Outside after five years of working in education with non-profits and as a classroom teacher. Shivani is committed to supporting and empowering young people of color to dismantle inequitable systems and pursue more just futures.

Shivani’s connection to the outdoors has evolved greatly with their understanding of their identity. Formal outdoor education experiences in their youth, while exciting, often left Shivani feeling isolated as a queer brown young person. More recently, backpacking, camping, and urban gardening has renewed their connection to the land and provided freedom, safety, and healing.

Shivani earned their B.A. in Radio/Television/Film from Northwestern University and their MS.Ed. from John Hopkins University. In their free time, Shivani can be found skateboarding at the park, cooking, or playing with their cat, Remy.