Corina Silva

Corina (she/her) began working in the Shark Lab in 2021 as its first full-time science educator. Among the most important aspects of her job are curriculum writing, education program development, staff training, and coordinating new k-12 school programs. In addition to her education duties, Corina enjoys learning all about the amazing shark research happening in … Read more

Zaira Sierra

Zaira (she/her) is passionate about education, the urban environment, and youth development. She grew up playing outside and was always surrounded by nurturing adults. As the Bilingual Community Engagement Coordinator for Sonoma County Regional Parks, she gets to combine her love for community and nature to ensure our parks are accessible.

Jaclyn Schneider

Jaclyn (she/her) is a Chicanx, Indigenous, queer, ocean enthusiast, educator, and ecologist. She is a California native with years of experience as an outdoor educator and enjoys exploring the ocean with students. Jaclyn earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Cal Poly Humboldt and currently works for the Greater Farallones Association as the … Read more

Brenda Ramirez Romero

For Brenda (she/her), after pairing her environmental studies with a feminist lens while studying at UC Santa Barbara, the importance of explicitly making the connection between environmental issues and social injustice began to become clear. After graduating she pursued internships that focused on engaging the Latino/e community around equitable access on public lands. Since then, … Read more

Asia Pfeifer

Asia(she/her)’s love for the outdoors began in 2014 when she became a crew member on a backcountry chainsaw crew removing invasive Russian olive trees in Escalante, Utah! She led a chainsaw crew in Montana where she first fell in love with mountain landscapes. This love brought her to Colorado where she led wilderness character monitoring … Read more

Sutara Nitenson

Sutara (they/them) is a water child with a passion for increasing ocean equity. They identify as mixed-race, Asian American, queer, and a snack enthusiast. Sutara is currently passionate about language as a tool for inclusivity and empowerment, the intersectionality of “mixedness” in race and gender, and actualizing safe and inclusive ocean/surf spaces! They are constantly … Read more

Michelle Nguyen

Michelle Nguyen (she/her) is committed to joy by decolonizing her mind, speaking her truth, and cultivating community. She embraces love and leads with vulnerability in order to create brave spaces. Through the Rising Leaders Fellowship, Michelle is excited to shift power dynamics, share stories, and develop projects alongside the Fellows!

Nichaela Navarro

Kyla(she/her/hers) is originally from the Philippines but has spent more than half of her life in Southern New Mexico. Kyla graduated from NMSU in 2021 and is excited to be working with her community, and to connect more people with the outdoors after learning more about public lands through her job with Friends of the … Read more

Ethan Metzger

Ethan(he/him/his) comes from the Pacific Northwest, having grown up in Western Washington. He now resides on occupied Duwamish territory, also known as Seattle and works as a program manager for The Mountaineers. Part of his work includes managing the gear library program, which provides affordable outdoor equipment for individuals, families, and partner organizations. He also … Read more

Margarita Lopez-Pelayo

Margarita (she/her/ella) currently lives and honors the ancestral land of the past and current Tongva and Tataviam people. Her mother Maria de la Paz is originated from Otomi ancestral land Ticoman, Mexico City. She migrated at the age of six to Pacoima. She is a proud mother. As a child, her passion for social justice … Read more