Kvothe Reshi Sánchez

Kvothe Reshi Sánchez (he/him/el) is a freshly graduated student from Archie Williams High School embracing his first year of adulthood and ready to explore the world and his future in it. Born in Cancún, he came to California at the age of five with his family. Since then he has been pursuing any and all … Read more

Carolina Irizarry

Carolina (Ca-ro-lee-nuh Ear-uh-zar-e) (she/her) is Cuban, Mexican, and White. After three concussions, Lena is currently learning to accommodate the nerve damage of her concussions to her regular(challenging) adventures like surfing! Photography is how she shows her love for the outdoors. The ocean is Lena’s happy place; time at the beach is time well spent.

Meghan Cruz

Meghan Cruz (she/her) spent most of her childhood in the outer suburbs of Chicago and moved to the Bay to be closer to the ocean. Meghan is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and a B.S. in Society and Environment. In addition to coursework, … Read more

Rai Dang

Rai Dang (Transfemme, she/her) is a queer Asian daughter of refugees living in the Bay for the past 14 years. She is a storyteller, aspiring artist, drummer, and creative writer, dedicating her life to queer and trans healing, joy, and care for herself and the people around her. She currently works in Trans Healthcare, enjoys … Read more

Eunice Quintanilla

Eunice Qintanilla (any pronouns) enjoys the color red and appreciates full-length mirrors. They’re happy to say that they are living through a chapter where they feel inspired to challenge themself—seeing what their best could really look like. They’re moving outside their comfort zones and finding self-empowerment as they do so. They are excited for their … Read more

Denny Han

Denny Han (he/him) loves outdoor travel and landscape photography. For the last few years, while splitting his time between the Bay Area and Durham, NC, where his partner lives, Denny has been fortunate enough to have visited and photographed natural areas along both coasts. His most recent East Coast adventures were to New River Gorge … Read more

Camila Morales-Jimenez

Camila Morales-Jimenez (they/them) is a born-and-raised East Bay resident with a BA in Anthropology. When they aren’t coaching speech and debate clubs in WCCUSD, planning youth advocacy programs, teaching in Oakland, reading speculative fiction, or going on evening runs, Camila likes to volunteer at the Gill Tract Farm. Through OEI, Camila hopes to deepen their … Read more

Kiki Quach

Kiki Quach (she/they/ze) is a genderfluid, neurodivergent artist and geek. Born in Southern California to refugee parents of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian cultures, Kiki now resides in Oakland on the stolen original homeland of native Ohlone people. With gratitude and respect for the land and the people who steward it, Kiki seeks to learn more … Read more

Yang Soua Fang

Yang Soua (he/him) is a project manager working for a local nonprofit organization combating food issues such as food insecurity, food waste, and food access. This includes working closely with young children to teach them about their local food system with hand-on educational opportunities on a community garden and farm. Yang Soua is a first-generation … Read more

Janet Itzel Escarcega

Itzel she/her/they) was once told she is a calm fiesta and it has stuck with her ever since. Itzel’s multifaceted being radiates joy and ease, creates structure and flow, and brings about balance and curiosity. Many of the elements that shape her ever-evolving being come in the form of dancing and singing at any point … Read more