Inside Philanthropy: “Green Grantmaking Program Offers Alternative Paths for Getting Funding to the Grassroots”

Today we’re grateful for the thoughtful coverage of our Liberated Paths Grantmaking Program by Michael Kavate for Inside Philanthropy.

From the introduction:

A couple years ago, Kim Moore Bailey embarked on a series of conversations with the heads of the small, grassroots environmental groups that her organization, Justice Outside, supports. The leaders, who were all Black, Indigenous or people of color, kept telling her similar stories about their experiences with philanthropy. “They were being asked to be something they weren’t. Expand what they were doing. Serve a population or a community they didn’t want to work with,” said Moore Bailey, who is Justice Outside’s CEO. “It was this moment for me to say, so how can we do this better?”

The result was a new grantmaking program, Liberated Paths, that works to build close and trusting relationships with grantees that allow them to pursue their own visions, while also reimagining or jettisoning many long-standing philanthropic requirements—from written applications to 501(c)(3) status—that those leaders had told her were barriers.

Check out the full article at Inside Philanthropy here. If you have trouble accessing it, you can also read our offline copy here.