Danny Khor

Danny Khor (they/them/他) is a first-and-a-half-generation Taiwanese & Malaysian Chinese immigrant and a recent Bay Area transplant. Danny is a queer trans marine ecologist with surfing aspirations and endless things to say about fish.  They are currently a 2021-2023 RAY Diversity Conservation Fellow at Ocean Conservancy and have worked on topics ranging from penguin breeding biology to decolonizing ecology. 

Growing up in coastal cities in Florida and Malaysia gave Danny a deep appreciation of the ways in which we rely on the ocean and land for cultural, ecological, spiritual, and economic sustenance. For them, getting outside with their friends is one of the best ways to connect and be joyful. They grew up thinking activities like hiking, backpacking, and field biology weren’t for them because they didn’t see anyone who looked like them doing these activities. Now, Danny wants to make sure future generations don’t feel unwelcome in the same ways they did. They are so excited to help welcome other underrepresented youth into outdoor spaces and build community in the Bay with OEI!