Jessica Li

A scientist by training, Jessica Li (she/her/hers) currently works at the intersection of biotech and education, fostering enthusiasm for innovation among students and scientists. Jessica is tremendously appreciative of the opportunities and exposure she received as a young student scientist herself and is dedicated to paying them forward to improve the accessibility of science education. Her own technical background is in bioengineering research, but she has a deep passion for community development and empowerment. She volunteers as an ESL tutor to help children and new immigrants gain independence and confidence.

For personal enjoyment, Jessica loves playing board games, listening to musicals, and cooking/baking, which are mostly indoor activities. Despite being raised in the Bay Area, she has had few opportunities to explore its variety of outdoor spaces. Her most frequent outdoor activity is going on long, usually not-too-steep walks and appreciating flowers and plants. Jessica is greatly looking forward to challenging herself and truly starting her outdoor education journey with OEI.