Kiki Quach

Kiki Quach (she/they/ze) is a genderfluid, neurodivergent artist and geek. Born in Southern California to refugee parents of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian cultures, Kiki now resides in Oakland on the stolen original homeland of native Ohlone people. With gratitude and respect for the land and the people who steward it, Kiki seeks to learn more about the outdoors and the communities connected to it.

In her personal life, Kiki is an avid dancer and spoken word artist. She has studied and continues to seek multiple forms of dance and dance history: ranging from ballet to capoeira, hula ‘auana to Argentinian Tango. However, Kiki does not claim to be an expert in any form; she simply loves to learn. Outside of movement practices, Kiki enjoys reading everything under the Sun.

She is a fan of audiobooks and podcasts, as well as open mics for live poetry performances. Kiki believes in the connecting and healing power of art in all its humanity.

At home, Kiki loves playing video games, walking her dog, and cooking with her two wonderful housemates. She is finding her way through adulthood with curiosity and the humble foolishness of an amateur. Overall, Kiki is a gentle and multifaceted soul who is excited to engage with people, nature, and all things water (pisces stellium).