Janet Itzel Escarcega

Itzel she/her/they) was once told she is a calm fiesta and it has stuck with her ever since. Itzel’s multifaceted being radiates joy and ease, creates structure and flow, and brings about balance and curiosity. Many of the elements that shape her ever-evolving being come in the form of dancing and singing at any point of the day, and creating quality time for herself and/or her loved ones. This can look like intentionally resting, making meals, crafting, moving her body, or going out to a body of water to ground herself and give gratitude to the land. 

Itzel enjoys listening to and sharing music as a form to connect. It’s a love language for her. Through every breath and step she takes, love is the guiding force that connects her to her inner and outer worlds, her ancestors, communities, and Mother Earth.