Natalie Delgado

Natalie Delgado (she/hers) identifies as an outdoor enthusiast, scholar, and artist. In 2017, she graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies and a minor in Latin-American Studies. She spent most of her time in the mental health field where she developed students’ socio-emotional skills and aided survivors of domestic violence. Natalie continues to focus on creating a more equitable and empathetic world through the work she does.

Nature has always played a huge part of Natalie’s life. Her parents’ upbringing in Mexico meant that she grew up with a garden that constantly bore some form of fruit or vegetable. She has always loved the outdoors and wants to inspire everyone to appreciate what nature has to offer. In the last few years, she decided to follow this interest more intensively. Natalie hopes to connect underrepresented communities with access to nature and promote mental health. Nature was a huge part of her healing journey and she hopes it’s able to help others along their journeys as well.