Connor Wilson

Heya, I’m C.J. Wilson, though most people call me Connor. I work as a freelance writer while pursuing my dream of writing novels, comics, and video games. I’ve also been nature lover and environmentalist pretty much my whole life… even if I didn’t get the chance to fully dive into that until adulthood. Nature is a place that grounds me, where I feel I can be myself and detach from the noise of the constructed world, to return to my work recharged and connected with what matters. On the other hand, nature is also a source of adventure and exploration—things I hope to indulge. This love of nature, unsurprisingly, finds its way into both my personal and professional writing.When I’m not writing or being a tree-hugger, I’m usually thinking about doing one or the other. And when I’m not doing that, I’m indulging one of my other hobbies: live music (especially punk), gaming, comics, and books, and oh-so-much cooking. I hope to come out of OEI with a refined knowledge of outdoor adventure that I didn’t get to have in my youth. If all goes well, I can then do more to protect the environment and pass this knowledge on to others, both by teaching them directly and writing about my own adventures to give people an appreciation of what’s out there.