Mo Quihuis

Hi, I’m Monique Quihuis (she/they), but all my friends call me by my nickname Mo (: I’m Two Spirit, Tohono O’odham, Serrano & Mexican and I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Growing up I wasn’t exposed to much of my culture, but that has changed recently. Thanks to the wonderful Native community and programs we have here in the Bay Area I’ve had opportunities to support me through my reconnection journey by learning from elders, healing, and deeper connecting with my culture and community. I enjoy being involved and giving back, when I’m able to I volunteer at local powwows, and with Indigenous organizations such as Indian Health Center Santa Clara, and Native Health. I’m a big advocate for healing and holistic living. I believe food is medicine, so It’s very important to me to know exactly what goes into my food nutritionally and energetically. I love cooking, it’s a way I express my creativity. Every dish I make is vegan and made with love and intention. I live by doing everything with Intention, consciousness, intuition, questioning, and an open mind. I really enjoy staying active by doing things like yoga, fancy shawl dancing, or looking for mushrooms on a hike. I’m also a cat mom to a chunky orange boy named Leo, we like to go on walkies while I push him in his stroller. I also enjoy tapping into my creativity which can look like many things like crafting with my grandma, making posters for protests, making a meaningful gift for my loved ones, or randomly bursting out into song like I’m in a musical. It’s my dream to one day do van life or live off-grid, live sustainably, and be self-sufficient. I’m excited to meet like-minded individuals and create meaningful friendships through this experience, go on adventures, gain greater confidence being outdoors, and learn new skills through OEI!! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶