Arianna Cuba

2017 OEI Alum


Arianna Cuba is a twenty three year old filipino-japanese student at SF State.  She was born and raised in San Francisco. Arianna likes to surf and snowboard whenever she can. She has been surfing since she was in highschool, when a friendly lifeguard taught her to.  Arianna has loved to play basketball, ever since elementary school, and will shoot hoops with anyone who is willing.  She loves going on long walks, running, and hiking—anything that can take her to new places and allows her to think.  While on her nature adventures, Arianna likes to take pictures of the places she has been.  Arianna considers herself accident prone, so she always carries a first aid kit and other emergency supplies whenever she goes somewhere. Arianna loves living in San Francisco (since the whether is just right and doesn’t really get hot), and is excited to share the city’s beautiful nature spaces with young people.