Cristina Phan

South Bay cohort

Hello! My name is Cristina but I also commonly go by Crusty. My pronouns are they/them & she/hers. I am currently a second-year sociology major at De Anza Community College. After taking my first environmental science class, I very clearly saw the ties between environmental injustice and racial and socioeconomic injustice. I am currently an environmental justice intern at my college advocating for public transportation. I want to help create a more equitable future for everyone and ensure everyone has the means to create a great life for themselves. In my free time, I love to go hiking, preferably alone so I can stop and stare at nature whenever I want (which is often). I used to go camping occasionally with my family, but after middle school, the camping trips slowly faded out. I really miss camping and want to start going again with friends, which is partly why I sought out opportunities such as the Outdoor Educators Institute.