Francine Davis

Board Secretary

Francine Davis is an Environmental Education Specialist at Walden West Outdoor School with special assignment as Garden Coordinator and leader of the Growing Gardens for Growing Minds program. In addition to her role as an educator at Walden West, she previously served as Program Head the Trailblazers, Migrant Education Trailblazers, and Family Camp programs, and is currently the lead for WOW (World of Wonder) camp. Francine brings a diverse range of skills to the profession including community outreach, process excellence, and environmental monitoring. With students, she takes advantage of opportunities to foster social and emotional learning and builds a community of respect for our planet and each other. Francine has a deep interest in innovative ways to make outdoor learning accessible, inclusive, and safe for all students, supported by her participation in the 2018 BEETLES Institute Emerging Leaders Cohort and 2019 Justice Outside Rising Leaders Fellowship. In her spare time, Francine enjoys hiking, food & wine, and performing arts. Francine has a Masters of Science in Environmental Health Science from the University of South Carolina and a Bachelors of Science from John Carroll University.