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  • Call in Solidarity with Palestine for Immediate Ceasefire and End to Occupation (11/20/2023) -  “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” — Desmond Tutu Content Warning: Genocide What We Can Do Now We add our name and support to the call for an immediate ceasefire, the release of all hostages, and access for humanitarian aid to reach the people of ... Read more
  • Someone holding a sign that reads "Defend the Atlanta Forest." The sign has drawings of trees. The person is surrounded by other protestors. Statement in Support of Activists’ Efforts to Stop Cop City and Defend Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta (11/8/2023) - “We don’t want it… We don’t want it because it doesn’t contribute to life. It’s not an institution of peace. It’s not a way forward for our city that we love.”-Emory University religion professor Sara McClintock, during the public open comment session at Atalanta City Hall On Monday, November 13, 2023, the people of Atlanta ... Read more
  • Text: Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels, Fast Fair Forever. Because the health of current and future generations demands it. Justice Outside joins global movement’s call to end fossil fuels (9/12/2023) - Justice Outside joins organizations around the world in endorsing this week’s global actions calling to end fossil fuels fast, fair, and forever. From September 15th to 17th, millions of people around the world will take to the streets to demand a rapid, just, and equitable end to fossil fuels. This wave of global mobilizations will ... Read more
  • Four people are standing outside, passing down a plastic bag filled with goods. They are all wearing hats and t-shirts. Take Action for Communities Impacted by Wildfires in Hawai’i (8/15/2023) - Last week wildfires swept across the Hawai’ian island of Maui and destroyed much of the town of Lahaina. The impact has been devastating. We are in solidarity with the communities and families who have lost loved ones and their homes. Here are ways you can join Justice Outside in taking action:  The devastating wildfires did ... Read more
  • Four people in purple, pink, and orange coats standing outside embracing each other. Policing Is an Environmental Justice Issue: In Solidarity with Atlanta and Memphis (2/24/2023) - Content warning: This piece discusses police brutality, murders by police, and state violence. Please use discretion in reading and sharing.  Justice Outside grieves in solidarity with the communities of Manuel Esteban Paez “Tortuguita” Terán and Tyre Nichols. We are grateful to them for doing the work of community care and organizing in the face of state ... Read more
  • Eighteen members of the Brigada Solidaria del Oeste pose in front of a building looking at the camera In Solidarity with Puerto Rico: Invest in Our Communities (10/25/2022) - We honor and stand in solidarity with Puerto Rican organizers and solidarity brigades observing, tracking, and serving local communities’ needs and desire for better systems, infrastructure, and care. In light of the devastating impact of Hurricane Fiona and it’s disproportionate harm to Black, Indigienous, and Communities of Color, we invite our communities to act in ... Read more
  • There is a car with a person inside the driver's seat, who is facing to two smiling Cooperation Jackson members standing next to it. They are standing by a table stacked with water bottles. It is sunny with a cloudy blue sky. In Solidarity with Jackson, Mississippi: Access to Clean Water Is A Human Right (9/15/2022) - We are grateful to the Black organizers, activists, and volunteers who are honoring the Jackson communities’ right to water, dignity, and life and have taken up the undue responsibility to provide clean water and comfort to people, when the state has failed its obligations. Justice Outside  stands in solidarity with the people of Jackson, Mississippi, ... Read more
  • Statement on Supreme Court Ruling West Virginia v. EPA (6/30/2022) - Today, we at Justice Outside stand firm in our commitment to environmental justice, and join with our allies in the reproductive justice movement, with disability justice and gender justice and LGBTQIA advocates, with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color all across the United States. As we call to mind all our allies across these United ... Read more
  • On Buffalo: Together in Love for Black People Everywhere; In Mourning, In Solidarity, and In Action (5/20/2022) - We are writing today to speak of our deep and abiding love for Black people, Black families, and Black communities everywhere. Last Saturday, May 14, 2022, ten beloved Black lives were taken from the community. Even as we grieve, we are strengthened by the power of Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. We know that ... Read more
  • On Accountability and the Path Ahead (4/21/2021) - Dear Friends, Yesterday’s ruling in the trial of Derek Chauvin is a welcome if overdue expression of accountability. As many have rightly pointed out, true justice would entail George Floyd still being alive. While the three guilty verdicts can’t bring him back, we acknowledge the important message sent by the jurors in this case. We’re ... Read more