Patricia (P) Leal

Grantmaking and Program Manager

Patricia (P) Leal (they/them) is a Grantmaking and Program Manager. P is originally from Recife, ancestral lands of the Tupi-Guarani speaking people, in the Northeast of Brazil, and is currently based in Huichin Ohlone land, Oakland, CA.

They are a multidisciplinary artist and have previously supported multiple non-profit organizations in the Bay Area through education, fundraising and operational roles. P’s work is informed by their experience as an immigrant, their interest in decolonial practices, and previous experience as part of an art collective in Oakland building community with other queer, trans and gender expansive people of color.

P believes access to the outdoors is fundamental not just to our well-being, but a crucial part of developing a deeper sense of belonging in our communities and our interconnectedness to all living things. In their personal time, they enjoy going on hikes, listening to music and DJing for their friends.

To contact P, please email them at