Sussan García

Communications Manager

Sussan (any pronouns) is a Central American born and raised in historical Lenape lands, otherwise known as Jamaica, Queens in New York City. Although she did not have much access to the outdoors and its activities growing up, she grew up with the stories of the Guatemalan highlands from her mother. Ever since her first visit to Guatemala in 2019, Sussan has been reconnecting with her ancestral lands through her family, their histories, and knowledge, shifting her relationship and understanding of “the outdoors.”

She graduated in May 2020 at New York University Abu Dhabi with a BA in Arab Crossroads Studies and a minor in Political Science. This year, she experienced her first overnight camping and hiking trip through the Peruvian Andes, followed up with more hikes in Patagonia. Despite the discomfort and growing pains, Sussan hopes to reconnect with the outdoors through such challenging, thought-provoking, and spiritual experiences.

Sussan loves to take care of and connect with her family, experience the sun and movement, baseball, and taking science courses on Coursera.

To contact Sussan, email her at