Dylan Kennedy

2018 OEI Participant

Dylan has been camping since before they were born – literally, spending nights under the stars in utero thanks to their mom’s involvement in Scouting. Introduction to the outdoors in Girl Scouts was followed by a 10-year run in a Venture Crew – based outdoor leadership camp called White Stag, which became Dylan’s home without a house from 2008 to 2018 as a long-dedicated leader for the program and the people they’d given their heart to. Over the years, backpacking infused with youth-leading-youth training empowered, inspired, and molded Dylan into who they are now, and who they aim to be. Growth-focused adventures in the outdoors provide an environment in which to flourish. To become yourself with intent, climbing mountains, crossing rivers, starting fires, and making friends, is a gift Dylan continuously seeks and seeks to share. In their spare time, Dylan pursues a BS in Society & Environment at UC Berkeley, with a minor in Global Poverty & Politics, studying how the intersection between society and environment affects our cultures, our politics, and our history. Society and environment — how can we detoxify both? This question becomes increasingly relevant to Dylan moving on to expand and include new, intersecting passions and identities in their ongoing adventure. Dylan sees the Outdoor Educators Institute as an opportunity to learn and share with others, as well as the place to take the next big steps towards a future of outdoor leadership.