Jed Lee

San Francisco / Oakland cohort


Jed Lee is a 21 year old student organizer and environmental activist at UC Berkeley. They are majoring in Society and Environment and double minoring in Global Poverty and Practice and City Planning. They have been deeply involved within the environmental community at UC Berkeley. They have done a lot of organizing work within the Students of Color Environmental Collective pushing for institutional support for students of color, where they have created a professional environmental mentorship program and hosted a statewide environmental justice conference. Jed has also done a lot of work for the Student Environmental Resource Center as a community organizer, where they have organized UCB students to participate in climate marches, the Oakland teacher strikes, and more. Jed has a long history of outdoor experience through their time as a Boy Scout and has always enjoyed camping, backpacking, and other high adventure activities. They also have worked extensively as a camp counselor at White Stag, an outdoor leadership development camp, and more recently, at Project Avery, an early intervention program for system-impacted youth. This fall, Jed is starting on a journey towards healing and self discovery. After burning out from too much school, work, and activism, they have decided to take a year off from UC Berkeley in order to focus on themself. In their year, they hope to focus on spending time with themself, with friends, and in the outdoors. Jed is extremely excited to participate in the Outdoor Educators Institute and have the chance to build community with and learn from like-minded peers and facilitators. They are excited for self discovery and growth within this program and out!