Athena Sabaria

South Bay cohort

Athena Sabaria (they/them/theirs) is back with OEI for a third season, this time supporting the South Bay cohort. Residing in Ohlone territory, also known as Oakland, they can be found exploring the city on their bike, their main mode of transportation. Historically, Athena has been employed in various environmental science labs, but is gradually shifting towards youth development roles while providing compassionate and culturally relevant leadership. They currently work at Attitudinal Healing Connection, a non-profit based in West Oakland dedicated to art education and community engagement. Athena supports the organization holistically, but their primary position involves partnering with local businesses to provide paid mentored work for low-income youth. 

Constantly in flux between their love of city life and their lifelong desire to live in the Mojave Desert, Athena appreciates the wonderful possibilities that life has to offer. From board games with their housemates, to climbing boulders and building ledges, to sketching local landscapes, Athena is determined to make an adventure out of every experience.