Audin Leung

South Bay cohort

Hi, I’m Audin! Recent UC Davis grad, American-Chinese queerdo, menstrual equity activist, ex-collegiate runner, sexual assault survivor, former co-oper, and a general free spirit at heart. I love the outdoors and can’t wait for all of the new ways OEI will help me connect with the beautiful, diverse, and complex network that makes up our universe. Through it, I want to learn more about how people of different identities and backgrounds interact with the outdoors, and how we can bring the benefits of those interactions to more people. By improving people’s connections with the outdoors, I believe we can improve their health, quality of life, and capacity to be stewards (rather than extractors) of natural resources. Right now, I’m working part-time at the Cities Association of Santa Clara County, which convenes council members from each of the County’s fifteen cities to collaborate on regional policy issues. I’m also leading a statewide student coalition called Free The Period, which is working to end period poverty (or the lack of access to menstrual healthcare) by securing access to menstrual products in all public bathrooms. We’re championing Assembly Bill 367, which, if passed, will get free menstrual products in all schools grades 6-12, community colleges, and California State Universities by the start of next school Year! I feel so grateful for the access I have to these opportunities and look forward to all that I’ll be able to share and create from them.