Michelle Moreno

South Bay cohort

Hola! My name is Michelle Moreno (she/her/hers). I would consider myself to be empathetic, goofy, and loving. In my free time you can find me soaking up the sun on a hike or tending to my plants! During the quiet time I had this last year I was able to cultivate many new hobbies. I made incense holders out of clay, took up lifting weights, and watched many..many movies. My proudest accomplishments as of recently are learning how to cook my mom’s traditional Mexican food and holding healthy boundaries with others. I transferred to UC Santa Cruz fall 2020 (rough for sure) and will be entering my last year. I was feeling isolated amidst a pandemic and virtual learning and landed in a job I am grateful for. As a mentor for transfer students, I am able to support and create a more friendly environment for incoming students with various feelings. My mentees have shown me I am not alone and the community is so powerful. I am beyond excited to create a unique community within OEI!