Celebrating Our 2022 Rising Leaders Fellows

Group photo of facilitators with some of our Rising Leaders Fellows holding up their certificate of completion. Behind them is a screen projected that reads, "Thank You Rising Leaders Fellowship" and their names listed below.

On November 10th and November 17th, we celebrated the graduation of our 2022 Rising Leaders Fellowship. We had an entirely virtual cohort and an in-person cohort in the Bay Area with a total of 39 fellows, nearly doubling the number of participants from previous years!  The Rising Leaders Fellowship supports the continued career development of … Read more

Blackbird Fields Forest Restoration

The Blackbird Fields Forest Restoration project aims to restore 3.75 acres of wooded lands and convert .25 acre to native grassland and meadow. We hope this will help increase tribal community access to the space, create a space that is free of aggressive invasive species, restore forest health, attract wildlife and provide it with habitat … Read more

Urban Sense Project

The Urban Sense Project by Four Youth supports early childhood and youth development by giving students the opportunity to connect more with nature. The garden will facilitate increased interaction with the outdoors in a fun and interactive way to promote both physical and mentally health. We are creating an interactive green space in a former … Read more


PHonk!Philly is produced by Elaine Smith Holton with fiscal sponsorship provided by Headlong Dance Theater, a 501c3 organization. The plan for PHonk! is to produce a day-long fall festival, public workshops, and pop-up music performances in public spaces throughout the year, provide artistic support to community actions, and contribute a values-based, grassroots platform to Philadelphia’s … Read more

Philly Gear Library

The “outdoors” is a place of contemplation, restoration, adventure, and life sustenance. It is available for all of us, though we know there are many barriers for melanated people and other historically marginalized communities. Philly Gear Library exists to address the barrier of gear ownership for those who want to experience outdoors adventures. We train … Read more

INDIA: Inspiring Nature and Divinity in Americans

Inspiring Nature and Divinity in Americans (INDIA) aims to teach American youth emotional wellness, heritage, literacy, and environmental care through gardening education. Through this connection, there will be intergenerational bonding with families and awareness of environmental justice initiatives as well as numerous educational goals related to social activism, entrepreneurship, creativity, and STEM. Follow INDIA on … Read more

Dance Ecology and Water

Dance Ecology and Water aims to connect Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color communities to their fundamental rights as earthlings to clean, natural bodies of water. Their efforts are centered around returning the community to nature and rebuilding the once strong relationship that the community has had with the Delaware River Watershed. Through education and … Read more

Branch of Knowledge

Branch of Knowledge is a collective of Lenape matriarchs from the five Lenape communities. Our goal is to increase Lenape presence in Lenape homelands via traditional matriarchal leadership. We are focused on reconnecting to the land, building bridges between the displaced Lenape communities, and revitalizing our culture to protect our people and our homelands for … Read more

Learning about the universe with Dr. Nia Imara

To the left is Dr. Nia Imara standing behind a podium holding a microphone with a projected screen behind her. To the right are the attendees sitting in the lecture hall.

On Saturday, December 3rd, Justice Outside and our partner The Lawrence Hall of Science hosted a private reception followed by a lecture, We Love the Light, with Dr. Nia Imara. Dr. Imara is an artist, astrophysicist, and professor of astronomy. She is also the Founding Director of Onaketa, a nonprofit that provides free STEM tutoring … Read more