Celebrating grantee partners featured in Hilltromper

An inspiring article on Hilltromper, Latine Leaders Changing the Outdoor Community, features three of our grantee partners: Mayra Pelagio-Muñoz of Reconnect Outdoors, Antonella De La Tore Marcenaro of PUENTES, and Latino Outdoors. In the article, these and other Latine leaders share about the ways they are changing the outdoor community by reconnecting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to nature. Click here to read and here’s an excerpt:

“When Pelagio-Muñoz turned 13, her family migrated to East San Jose. It was a major adjustment living in a busy urban area with no nature in sight. The only nearby natural spot, she recalls, was a polluted creek behind her high school that school administration discouraged students from visiting. Craving any glimmer of the natural world, she rebelled and visited the creek with her friends in her senior year. Spending time at the creek made Pelagio-Muñoz realize just how important her connection to nature is. 

After graduating from UC Davis in 2017, Pelagio-Muñoz returned to East San Jose and pursued a master’s at San Jose State University. Her thesis about Latine connections to wildlife planted the seed for her current project, Reconnect Outdoors, which aims to bring more Latines and immigrants from East San Jose to local parks.”