In Solidarity with Puerto Rico: Invest in Our Communities

We honor and stand in solidarity with Puerto Rican organizers and solidarity brigades observing, tracking, and serving local communities’ needs and desire for better systems, infrastructure, and care. In light of the devastating impact of Hurricane Fiona and it’s disproportionate harm to Black, Indigienous, and Communities of Color, we invite our communities to act in solidarity by supporting and donating to:

On September 18, 2022, the winds and rainfall from the approaching Hurricane Fiona caused an island-wide power outage in Puerto Rico, followed by other devastating effects such as landslides, the destruction of homes and crops, and lack of access to clean drinking water. Over a month later, thousands of Puerto Ricans are still without power. This occurred as the island continues to  recover from Hurricane Maria over the last five years, further highlighting how inequitable disaster response compounds climate change disasters and further marginalizes those who experience the worst of it. 

Since Hurricane Maria, however, Puerto Ricans have built and maintained mutual aid networks of love and care that have looked out for each other and continue to do so in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, affirming the popular saying “Solo el pueblo salva al pueblo” (Only the people take care of the people). Showing up for our communities is essential to individual and collective healing, paving the way for the restoration and abundance that will bring us all back from the brink of climate disaster. 

Justice Outside is committed to showing up for our communities and beyond, and we invite us all to practice solidarity with those most impacted by systemic inequities and climate disasters. By building these networks and relationships, we are also constructing the foundations for a better future, upheld by principles of authentic community care, abundance, and joy. 

Featured photo depicts members of Brigada Solidaria del Oeste posing for the photograph and has been used with permission. You can learn more about Brigada Solidaria del Oeste‘s work here and follow them on Facebook here.