Overcoming Bias in our Understanding of Nature and Mental Health

Justice Outside spotlighted in National Recreation Foundation article

From the piece: “There’s a lot of research supporting the idea that time in nature has a positive effect on our mental health. Exposure to green space decreases stress, boosts mood, and helps our bodies’ systems reset and rejuvenate. Nature is good for us. While this truism isn’t in question, a new review of academic papers shows that research about the benefits of nature may be biased in some important ways.”

…“National Recreation Foundation reached out to Justice Outside to learn more about biases around mental health in outdoor recreation. Justice Outside is committed to fighting for racial justice and equity within outdoor and environmental sectors with a focus on the health of current and future generations of People of Color. Justice Outside identified one of the most common misconceptions about mental health and the outdoors is the idea that the link between mental health and nature is new. Although it’s a relatively recent area of academic research, Communities of Color have long recognized the link between green space and a happy, healthy life.”

We invite you to read the full piece over at the National Recreation Foundation.