Justice Outside grantee FoodWhat?! named 2019 California nonprofit of the year!

Justice Outside is thrilled to share this wonderful news from one of our grantee organizations, FoodWhat?! Our heartfelt congratulations to their entire team!

On June 5th, “Food, What?!” was honored as the California Nonprofit of the Year by Senator Bill Monning for the 17th District. “Food, What?!” staff joined Senator Monning to celebrate this achievement at the annual California Nonprofits Day Celebration in Sacramento that recognized exceptional nonprofits statewide.   

“FoodWhat?! has done a tremendous job in empowering the youth of Santa Cruz County through using sustainable agriculture,” stated Senator Bill Monning. “The organization provides low-income youth with the opportunity to learn about local food systems, diet and nutrition, along with critical life skills. Thank you to everyone at ‘Food, What?!’ for your dedication to helping teens find their voice and long lasting confidence.”

“Food, What?!” is a youth empowerment and food justice organization. At “Food, What?!”, youth engage in relationships with land, food and each other in ways that are grounded in love and rooted in justice. We provide meaningful space where youth define and cultivate their empowerment, liberation and wellbeing. Based in Watsonville and Santa Cruz, “Food, What?!” youth use organic farming, nourishing food and loving community as vehicles to grow on their own terms and in lasting ways. As a “Food, What?!” Crew, we grow, cook, eat and distribute fresh, healthy food while also addressing local food justice issues.

In describing what “Food, What?!” does in the community, Executive Director Doron Comerchero said, “We honor youth for who they are. We listen to them. We provide them with meaningful work. We co-create safe and brave space. And we dig deep, deeeep into the well that’s within each of us to love. To love ourselves, and to love each other.”

“Food, What?!” would like to thank everyone who has walked alongside the organization toward this milestone. For more information, visit their website at www.foodwhat.org