PHonk!Philly is produced by Elaine Smith Holton with fiscal sponsorship provided by Headlong Dance Theater, a 501c3 organization. The plan for PHonk! is to produce a day-long fall festival, public workshops, and pop-up music performances in public spaces throughout the year, provide artistic support to community actions, and contribute a values-based, grassroots platform to Philadelphia’s rich cultural ecosystem and can share moments of joy and connection to each other, to their culture, and to the land.

PHonk!Philly events are guided by a core set of Unifying Principles that promote collaborative planning processes and prioritize solidarity and healing. 

PHonk!Philly Unifying Principles:

  • We believe that music in the streets helps to reclaim and redefine the use of public space.
  • We believe that music brings elements of power, energy and healing to struggles for collective liberation.
  • We stand in solidarity with struggles that challenge all forms of individual and institutional domination, inequality and oppression.
  • We wish for PHonk! to be a community in which we uplift each other with the energy to continue fighting for collective liberation.