Outdoors for All Act to Pass the House!

YES! The Outdoors for All act passed the House. By investing in our community parks, playgrounds, trails and green spaces through the Outdoors For All Act, we will create thousands of jobs, improve flooding resilience, manage stormwater, while directing investments to underserved communities, and working towards every community having access to a quality park. Read more

Changing the Narrative of the Outdoors: Tammy Pham’s Herstory in Mountain and Snow Sports

As part of honoring Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we’re pleased to share a guest post from Yvan Tran about Tammy Phan, both members of Outdoor Asian. Their conversation speaks to the highs and lows in getting outdoors as womxn of color and the role of community and mentorship in the process. Outdoor Asian Washington provides opportunities for Asian & Pacific Islanders and other communities of color to connect with the natural world through celebrating land, oceans, coasts, and culture. They are one of our inaugural Liberated Paths grantees. Read more

Ambassadors for Land Conservation and the Center for Native American Youth Celebrate Women’s History Month

The Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) honors Women’s History Month, recognizing the contemporary contributions of Native American women every day. Our mission at CNAY is to improve the health, safety, and overall well-being of Native American youth. CNAY works toward this mission through projects such as Ambassadors for Land Conservation, a program that is partially supported by Justice Outside’s Liberated Paths Grantmaking Program. Read more

Marine Education Re-centered for BIPOC Youth: Our Journey to Founding Sea Potential

We wrap up Black History / Black Futures Month by sharing a guest post from Ebony Welborn and Savannah Smith, Co-Founders of Sea Potential, another of our 17 inaugural Liberated Paths grantees. By providing interactive and educational opportunities, Sea Potential illuminates pathways in the field of marine science for BIPOC youth. They hope to inspire … Read more

From ‘El Campo’ to Arizona: An AfroLatinx Woman’s Journey to Finding Peace and Power in the Outdoors

Today, as we continue to honor Black History and Black Futures, we’re thrilled to share a guest post from Raquel Gomez, Founder and Program Director of Atabey Outdoors, one of our 17 inaugural Liberated Paths grantees. In serving Black and Brown girls between the ages of 9 and 12, Atabey Outdoors provides a safe place … Read more

A Racial Equity Screen for Book Clubs

Choosing a book without putting some thought into the dimension of racial equity raises the possibility of causing harm. Depending on the choice we make, books can perpetuate unconscious bias as well as economic inequality. Our choices matter, and so do the books we select. The current moment, like so many moments, calls upon us to show solidarity in support of Black lives. Therefore, I invite you to ask these three questions when choosing your next book: Read more

Racial Equity Truthtellers: “If you don’t see me as Black, then you don’t see me.”

When it comes to conversations about racial equity, Kim Moore Bailey is more than comfortable – it’s her life’s work. Growing up as a child of Black NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) members, the CEO of Justice Outside has always celebrated her Blackness. “I’ve always been doing the work that I’m … Read more

Racial Equity in Outdoor Science and Environmental Education: Re-Establishing the Field with Intention

What if we returned from this pandemic with a deep and profound commitment to a new way of being? What would it look like if, instead of this crisis making our work towards equity slower and less important, it became an opportunity for the field to work towards equity faster and make that work a higher priority? What if equity and inclusion were built into every fiber of our reimagined and reopened organizations, considered in every new initiative so that “pausing” is not possible as it is simply how we go about each day? Read more