Adriana Becerra

Adriana Becerra (she/her) is joining  OEI because she is interested in a career in outdoor education. She was raised in the Central Valley,  Visalia, California,  and attended Fresno State University to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts to become an elementary school teacher. Adriana recently completed a very fulfilling internship with SCICON, an outdoor science school for sixth graders in Tulare County. After teaching outdoors at SCICON,  she is unsure If she would want to teach in a traditional classroom setting again. Adriana enjoys the outdoors and loves to be in nature. She hopes this program teaches her how to enjoy all the different things the outdoors has to offer while being able to teach her community to do the same. She wants to see POC enjoying all the things they have been wanting to do, without the fear of the unknown making them second guess themselves. She wants to show her community it is possible for them to go out and enjoy the outdoors instead of watching others do so online, on social media, or in movies. Adriana wants people in her community to take advantage of where they live, being so close to the mountains, the National Parks, the beaches, lakes, and deserts. She wants to inform and empower her community with the help of OEI.