Zahira Chaudhry

Zahira Chaudhry (she/her) is an outdoor enthusiast, self-taught chef and novice skateboarder. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Zahira has a deep appreciation for all the green space on Ohlone Land. Zahira is excited to return to OEI as a program assistant after participating in the Fall 2021 cohort. Some of her favorite places … Read more

Audin Leung

Audin Leung (they/them) is a Bay Area born-and-raised community activist, SA survivor, and proud enby queerdo. After completing the OEI program as a participant in 2021, they are excited to pass on the experience to others and support members in connecting with the outdoors, themselves, each other, and ultimately, the universal life that connects us … Read more

Adrianna Johnson

Adriana Johnson (she/her) grew up in Stockton, CA where she graduated high school and went on to get a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. As early as Kindergarten, AJ knew she wanted to be a teacher and now she gets to live out that dream every day.  Growing up, AJ’s family spent a lot of time … Read more

Vanessa Yung

Vanessa Yung (she/her)  is an East Bay native who graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration. Vanessa currently works in youth recreation and loves how it offers her the chance to connect with youth, build a community, and provide youth guidance and opportunities to express themselves through … Read more

Shea Opilla

Shea Opilla (he/him/his) is excited to have the opportunity to join the 2022 Outdoor Educators Institute (OEI) cohort in the South Bay to further his experience both in outdoor adventures and in advocacy. Shea is a student of Kinesiology at San Jose State University, and he has a passion for any activity that can get … Read more

Michelle Le

Michelle Le (she/her) is a Vietnamese American and Bay Area native. Elle is a first-generation graduate and received her B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has spent the past few years of her professional career devoted to addressing environmental issues through community-focused research and educational outreach. So far, her … Read more

Mahal Leia Bilaoen

Mahal Leia Bilaoen (she/they) is excited to be a part of the Fall 2022 Outdoor Educators Institute South Bay cohort! Mahal is currently studying to become an Environmental Studies major and can’t wait to use her knowledge to help others. She is passionate about finding connections between people and nature and everything in between. In … Read more

Jessica Li

A scientist by training, Jessica Li (she/her/hers) currently works at the intersection of biotech and education, fostering enthusiasm for innovation among students and scientists. Jessica is tremendously appreciative of the opportunities and exposure she received as a young student scientist herself and is dedicated to paying them forward to improve the accessibility of science education. … Read more

Harmony Lee

Harmony Lee (she/her) is  Korean and Okinawan, and is from Oxnard, CA (occupied Chumash land)! Harmony studied biology at Cal and currently works as a lab technician at a clinic in San Francisco (occupied Ohlone land). In her free time, she likes to crochet, listen to music, ride her bike, roller skate, and spend time … Read more

Dennis Lu

Dennis Lu (he/they) likes rocks, climbing of all sorts, and nature in general. He is the biggest mosquito magnet he’s met, so hopefully, you’ll be safe from bugs near him.