Arely Lopez

Arely Saraí Lopez (she/her/ella) is a first-generation, Guatemalan-American from sunny Southern California. Her love, respect, appreciation and passion for the environment and the land stems from the deep knowledge and wisdom passed down from her family in Guatemala and her parents. She continued to dig deeper into her passion throughout her undergrad years at UC Berkeley. Arely earned her BS in Conservation and Resource Studies with an emphasis in environmental science, education, and public health. Graduating a few months before lockdown, Arely experienced difficulties finding a career that aligned with her passions. Ultimately, she aspires to align her passions and interests to her everyday life and career. Outside of work, she “fills her cup” by immersing herself in gardening, spending time outdoors, trying new brunch spots, spoiling her plant babies and fur babies, rewatching her comfort shows, rom coms and random YouTube videos, making new friends, and dancing. 

Arely is suuuuuper excited to make new friends, laugh a lot, share new experiences, learn new skills, and receive any knowledge that is passed her way ((: