Yang Soua

Yang Soua (Yaaj Suav) (he/him) is a Community Gardens Project Manager working for a local Fresno nonprofit organization teaching kids how to garden and farm and providing language access and justice so elderly Hmong can gain access to land space where they can grow fresh and healthy food. He is a first-generation Hmong American and first-generation college graduate, BA in Liberal Studies, with too many and also not enough houseplants and an unreasonable amount of art supplies. When he is not being a ray of sunshine to the world, he enjoys long hikes, sharing food with new and old friends and talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

Yang Soua is excited to return as a program lead having participated in the 2022 Fresno Cohort. He aims to create a safe space for participants so they can be their truest and best self while explore and taking space in the outdoors.