Elizabeth Castro Maldonado

Elizabeth Castro Maldonado (she/her/ella) is a first generation college graduate and has spent her life admiring the sacredness in the interconnected nature of our mother earth. She is full of playfulness and wisdom, honoring her inner child and ancestors. She lives to be in the present moment to convivir authentically with others, as well as believe nature to be an amazing catalyst for deep healing in self and community. Growing up working in the fields she witnessed the effect of stress on rural communities and lack of access to the outdoors, propelling a passion to learn how to best support others, share experiences, and empowering others to explore. Elizabeth enjoys fostering resiliency, joy, and healing in disadvantaged communities through efforts focused on mindfulness, self care, and community. She is especially dedicated to empowering Latinx communities, and on her free time volunteers with Latino Outdoors; a volunteer organization engaging Latinx pride, culture, visibility and increasing outdoor access. Elizabeth has fun spending time sun bathing, practicing yoga, cooking, climbing, hiking, dancing, and is always looking for any opportunity to go outside.