Maureen Tiburcio Munoz

Hi! My name’s Maureen Munoz (she/her), I’m 23, and I’m a Filipina-American from Delano, CA. I’m currently an environmental engineer who works primarily on drinking water issues with small public water systems, and I have a passion for environmental justice. Growing up, I was a pretty happy go-lucky child. I’m the daughter of two Filipino immigrants, and my childhood was full of warm memories at the beach, in the mountains, or simply at local parks. But as I pursued an environmental degree, I learned that my hometown faced some of the worst environmental burdens in the nation, yet the valley received little to no education on these issues. And as I gained more experience working in the environmental field, it became more evident that low-income communities of color are often neglected and stripped of resources essential for protecting nature and our homes. I’m excited to be part of the Outdoor Educators Institute’s 2024 Central Valley Cohort, and with the many new friends I meet and skills I learn, I hope to help dismantle barriers that hinder access to environmental education and safe outdoor experiences for communities of color. Other fun facts about me: – I love gaming. I’m currently playing Baldur’s Gate and osu!, and I’m an avid Valorant esports fan. – I love traveling, and it’s on my bucket list to visit at least one new national park each year. – I’m playing the clarinet again after a 4 year break, and I love playing songs by Laufey.