Danny Rico

San Francisco / Oakland cohort


Jose Daniel ‘Danny’ Rico (he/him/his) is a Chicano, born in Daly City and raised in Richmond, CA, where he currently resides.  He has a natural affinity for learning and enjoys the insight and freedom that comes with being in nature. Danny enjoys hiking, swimming, barbequing, and camping with family.  As the oldest of six in a young family, Danny looks after his younger siblings and finds value in spending time with them. After graduating from Leadership Public Schools Richmond in 2014, Danny has worked a variety of jobs from manual labor to customer service, his favorite work so far being a stagehand.  The feeling he gets once a show is fully set is one of pride and accomplishment. Danny hopes to make a positive impact in the world and believes the Outdoor Educators Institute is a step in the right direction as he hopes to aid youth in finding a good outlet and means of expression through nature. As Danny begins his journey through OEI, he would first like to thank his fellow cohort members, leaders, and all those that make the program possible