Kota Monrroy-Dailey

San Francisco / Oakland cohort


Kota (they/them/theirs) is a trans nonbinary educator originally from LA, now living in the East Bay for the past six years. Their career history includes working as an after-school program leader, a preschool teacher, a day camp counselor, and as a literacy coach. Through doing a little of everything they’ve discovered they love working as an educator, but outside of the classroom! Kota believes that in order to succeed in learning, you have to be in a positive, self-empowering environment where you’re free to explore, take risks, and build independence. Exploring nature is where learners can practice this freedom and form connections to the world and others. Kota hopes that their time with the Outdoors Educators Institute will help them expand their experience and knowledge with the outdoors so that they can share this with their students and communities. Outside of their work/passion, Kota likes to cook food with friends, ride their bike around town, workout at gym classes, go out dancing, sleep, and chill at home with their cat. But no matter what they’re up to, they’re always yearning to be outside near the water…