We Are ONE

PGM ONE, Justice Outside, and Next 100 Coalition are thrilled to present an innovative partnership: We Are ONE, a national gathering of environmentalists of color, June 25-28 at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta, Georgia. We are honored to invite you to join us – a community of new and familiar voices – to nurture our communities, activate coordinated action, and mobilize our collective commitment to environmental justice and equity.

It takes all of us to meet this moment in history. PGM ONE, Justice Outside, and Next 100 Coalition communities, we’re here to create a space to bring our whole, complex, intersectional selves to heal, connect, ideate, and build a framework for endurant collaboration among Indigenous, Black, and Brown environmental leaders and efforts nationally. 

Through this historic collaboration, we envision a transformational model that sets the stage for lasting change. Together, we plan to set an example by embracing the abundance that springs from our community. Our partnership is a testament to our trust in collective knowledge, mutual support, and community-based resources to move us toward a more collaborative and impactful future.

We envision a gathering in Atlanta that builds upon an intergenerational legacy of movement building, community transformation, and environmental stewardship. We are excited to converge community-centered and led solutions, cross-pollinate grassroots strategies and policy actions, and mobilize our collective resources to achieve solutions that last beyond any election, administration, or congressional cycle. With Indigenous, Black, and Brown leadership and excellence, we aim to support reciprocal structural power with our communities and environment.    

Our choice to host this pivotal gathering at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta, GA, is deeply intentional. Atlanta, the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, offers a historical and present context, enriched by the many perspectives and experiences of Atlanta’s vibrant community. By situating our summit in a city rooted in collective action, we hope to honor the legacy of those who’ve paved the way and underscore our commitment to tackling today’s environmental injustices. We’re excited and honored to learn how we can support Atlanta’s community and bridge our collective environmental justice work with local communities across the country. 

Atlanta provides not just a venue, but a place grounded in people, movements, complexities and opportunities that lie at the heart of our shared purpose, and we couldn’t think of a better setting for us to celebrate the wisdom of our elders, descendants, communities, and nature. To those of y’all in ATL that we know – and to those we have yet to meet – we extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation for hosting us.

PGM ONE invites you to root yourself in community; Next 100 Coalition, to seed a new future; and Justice Outside, to grow our abundance. We dance in solidarity and grieve in solidarity, when We are ONE.

We’re excited to reunite with you in Atlanta, GA, from June 25 to 28, 2024. Stay tuned – registration, sponsorship packages, and calls for proposals will go live on April 2, 2024.

PGM ONE, Justice Outside, and the Next 100 Coalition