Josue Rafael Corado

Josué Corado (they/he/she) is a first-generation Queer Salvadoran-Mexican individual born and raised in the Bay Area. Their passion for the outdoors sparked through their spontaneous familial camping trips organized by their tíos and tías, which instilled a profound love of the outdoors. More recently, they attended UC Davis where they were involved in activist spaces and graduated in 2021 with Sociology and Psychology degrees and a minor in Latinx Studies. Currently, they work at a non-profit organization that trains and empowers Queer and Trans youth across the country to advance the racial and gender justice movement forward. In their free time, you can catch Josué playing with an LGBTQIA+ soccer team, hitting a hiking trail, learning how to rock climb, and hanging out with their cats. Ultimately, their goal for the future is to cultivate safe spaces for Queer and Trans People of Color within the outdoors!