Ailee Arias

Ailee ( like Smiley “i-lee”) Arias (they/them/theirs) is an Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces, and a fem Latine 23-year-old from LA but currently lives in Watsonville. Ailee is a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz, where they studied botany and environmental studies! After 5 years of frolicking in the forests, classes, and working at the university, they realized their calling is within agroecosystems, food sovereignty, environmental restoration, and radical horizontal education. They spent their college career working for two distinct organizations, in one, they were a part of a student group that created and taught a class about sustainability (ESLP), and in the other, they helped manage a garden space and community program (PICA). Ailee is grateful for how these experiences shaped their outlook on their passions and self-worth. Most importantly they have inspired them to pursue becoming a science teacher and eventually a farmer.  They are excited about the opportunities and skills OEI has to offer, and inspiring how they can combine both of these professions or just getting more folks outside! Besides enjoying the outside world through walks and hikes with their kitty, Ailee also enjoys doing yoga, tending to their plants, journaling, reading, spending time with their family, and watching RuPaul’s drag race and anime. They are so excited to meet all the wonderful people in the cohort!  (〃・ω・)ノ~☆・゚+。*゚・.+