Carlos Tafolla

Carlos Tafolla (He/Him/His) was born and raised in Kings County, California. The first time he had the opportunity to experience and connect with the outdoors was when he was in sixth grade. He and his entire class went on a class camping trip to Scicon. There he got to learn first hand about different plants, the wildlife living in the area, and experienced his very first hike. This is also the moment where he discovered an interest in entomology that would later turn into a passion. Carlos’ goal is to travel the world and continue to explore and nurture his unique connection to the outdoors. In his free time, Carlos and his cat Elio, enjoy going on quiet nature walks/hikes to explore and reconnect with nature. He hopes to inspire his cat loving community to take their cats outside as well and in turn foster deeper connections. Carlos also volunteers for Latino Outdoors, a Latinx-led nonprofit organization that engages with Latinx communities, connects them to the outdoors and empowers them to take up space and feel welcomed. As an ambassador/outings leader for the Latino Outdoors Fresno team, he works to promote and facilitate outdoor experiences that will foster a love for nature.