Harkiran Singh

Harkiran Singh is a first generation Indian-American who was born and raised in the San Joaquin County. From a young age, his parents would take him, his sisters, and family friends to camping all over California. Ever since those trips, his love for the outdoors has only grown, from camping in forests, to hiking, and eventually working at a national park and even doing conservation work. After some time in college studying Electrical Engineering, Harkiran decided to try something different and something outside his comfort zone. In 2018, he found a job in the kitchen of Roosevelt Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. When he wasn’t in the kitchen cooking breakfast or cleaning, he would explore the park by hiking, camping, and even hitchhiking with new friends he had made. It was that experience that made it certain for him that he knew what he wanted to do – be in the outdoors and help others achieve it too. That experience also helped him when he decided to do conservation work, where he did lots of trail work on the Pacific Crest Trail. Harkiran hopes to expand his knowledge and skills on outdoor leadership. He wants to be challenged so he can experience and learn more. He is an advocate for conserving natural lands and a believer that the outdoors should be more inclusive for all communities. It’s important to him that nature is accessible to all.