Thaily Rodriguez Hernandez

I am twenty-one years old. I was born in Mexico and raised in California. I am a third year at California State University, Fresno majoring in Criminology: Victimology with an average GPA of 3.84. I hope to continue to further my education whether that is to apply to get my master’s or law school. I am a College Corps Fellow with a focus on food insecurity with the organization Fresno Metropolitan Ministry. So far, I have completed 273.25 hours of community service and the goal is 450 hours. I helped recover 15,000 lbs. (about twice the weight of an elephant) of citrus fruit to give to the Central California Food Bank and Food to Share. I was brought to the United States when I was four years old. I am the youngest of my two siblings.  

Some of my current favorite hobbies are reading, watching entertainment, painting, baking, and hanging out with my friends. The genre that I enjoy reading the most is romance novels. For entertainment, I like watching TikTok, movies, documentaries, and YouTube. Some of my favorite movies are Superbad, Father of the Year, The Best of Me, Home, and Shrek. My favorite channels that I enjoy watching on YouTube are Suburb Talks, Bailey Sarian, These Foos, Sweet Tea, and Under the Influence Show.