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  • Racial Equity in Outdoor Science and Environmental Education: Re-Establishing the Field with Intention (7/31/2020) - What if we returned from this pandemic with a deep and profound commitment to a new way of being? What would it look like if, instead of this crisis making our work towards equity slower and less important, it became an opportunity for the field to work towards equity faster and make that work a higher priority? What if equity and inclusion were built into every fiber of our reimagined and reopened organizations, considered in every new initiative so that “pausing” is not possible as it is simply how we go about each day? Read more
  • Justice Outside CEO Kim Moore Bailey Co-Authors New Article, “The Urgent Need for Nature During and After COVID-19” (5/13/2020) - As an organization that centers racial equity in all of our work, we’re keenly aware of the disproportionate impact COVID-19 is having on communities of color. Due to systemic racism, and the particular ways it plays out in city planning and healthcare, among many other institutions, people of color are becoming infected with and dying ... Read more
  • Tips on Enjoying Public Lands *Safely* During COVID-19 (3/26/2020) - We hope this message finds you safe, healthy, and doing as well as possible given the circumstances. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and we adapt to our new “shelter in place” norms, we want to encourage you to take good care of yourselves, to stay as active as you can, and to enjoy the nature ... Read more
  • Grow With Justice Outside It’s the Little Things (12/31/2019) - A few years ago, I asked my mother if she was surprised that I was engaged in this field. She said absolutely not… spending time outside had always been a part of my life. She loved being outside and, quite naturally, she passed this along to me and my sister. She felt like the true planting of this seed of curiosity happened in our backyard one afternoon when I was around four years old. After pestering her for a cookie, I took it outside and immediately dropped it on our patio. From my position on the patio, I could see her face inside the house disappear and I thought, “I am in trouble.” Read more
  • Congrats Acta Non Verba! (12/4/2019) - Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV) elevates life in Oakland and beyond by challenging oppressive dynamics and environments through urban farming. Founded and led mainly by women of color from the surrounding neighborhood and larger community, ANV creates a safe and creative outdoor space for children, youth, and families in East Oakland, California. ANV ... Read more
  • karsten-wurth Honoring the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council (10/25/2019) - Justice Outside today announced that its 2020 grantmaking period for organizations offering young people transformative outdoor experiences will conclude a highly successful, multi-year grantmaking program in Northern and Central California, made possible by the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council. Read more
  • Justice Outside grantee FoodWhat?! named 2019 California nonprofit of the year! (7/17/2019) - Justice Outside is thrilled to share this wonderful news from one of our grantee organizations, FoodWhat?! Our heartfelt congratulations to their entire team! – On June 5th, “Food, What?!” was honored as the California Nonprofit of the Year by Senator Bill Monning for the 17th District. “Food, What?!” staff joined Senator Monning to celebrate this achievement ... Read more
  • Oakland, “Just Green Enough” is Not Enough! (5/15/2019) - Last May, I welcomed advocates from all over the world to the Children & Nature Network’s International Conference which was held right here in Oakland. In my speech, I challenged the attendees to “radically imagine what our movement can be: intentionally more equitable and inclusive. Let’s recognize the relationships that all cultures have with the ... Read more
  • A New “Outdoors” Chapter in Black History (3/27/2019) - Last month, we celebrated Black History Month. I believe that Black History Month happens every month for me as I think about the shoulders that I stand on to engage in the work at the intersection of racial equity, inclusion and the outdoors. As the “official” month of Black History was underway, I found myself ... Read more
  • New Year: A Time to Cry Out New Year: A Time to Cry Out (1/10/2019) - The calendar tells us it is a new year. With the simple act of turning the page on a calendar, we both become aware of the passage of time and pin hope to the newness of the time.   As I sit in my own personal reflection, I find myself thinking about the sermon that ... Read more